Combining elements of soul, folk, pop, and funk, Clayton's inspired compositions grip the hearts and ears of his audience with urgent honesty. Backed by the release of his debut album "Spanish Satellites," He's been carving out a name for himself on stages and street corners across the country. Connect with him on your favorite social networks for exclusive content and a behind the scenes looks at his upcoming album "Love & Ambition"  

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Anyone interested in having my TC Helicon Voicetone T1? 

Anyone interested in having my TC Helicon Voicetone T1?: Read more




Its day three of 2014 and Im not feeling any less guilty about not posting some thoughts I have, so I guess thats good enough reason to write them down and send them to you.

I guess a part of me wants to lay out some predictions for the culture-at-large, and wouldnt that feel great for a

Ill definitely be adding most of these resolutions to my list